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May 31, 2016 at 10:10 AM

How do I bookmark or link to an ABAP Documentation page


I know, this question sounds ridiculous, but the answer is not so obvious.

If I'm in the ABAP help, I want to copy a link in order to bookmark, post or send it to someone. Similar to what Horst Keller does over here: Aug 16, 2015 3:06 PM

On 99% of websites it's easy: Bookmark, or right-click and "copy Link". Boom, Done!

In the new(ish) ABAP Doco pages it's all scripted. I can manually craft a URL and paste the header in, but this is 2016 and stuff should be easy.


I start off at the main help page: ABAP Keyword Documentation

I navigate to Reference > Syntax > Statements. I want to copy the "expressions" link on that page.

Right-click + Copy link copies "javascript:call_link('abenexpressions.htm')". No good.

Attempt 2: Click to follow link, wait for page to load. Bookmark / share page still has my start page in the page URL "". Also no good.

(Or if you started out from another link, e.g. from Horst's example above, and follow a few links, it will still have your original starting point).

Attempt 3: Right-click in a frame, "open in new tab" and bookmark that. Has the correct link, but I still need to copy/paste the header. Not a big job I know, but like I said: it's 2016 and this worked nicely in the old SAP Help.

This is on Safari and Firefox on a mac and FF on Windows.