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May 31, 2016 at 09:46 AM

Ignore partner bank type in payment run balance



In below payment run (F110) situation, the vendor invoice gets paid, despite a debit balance.

Vendor invoice, partner bank type A, -10.000 EUR

Vendor credit note, partner bank type B, +30.000 EUR

Balance +20.000 EUR

SAP note 164835 describes the following: Check the partner bank type in the line items (> Other data > field BSEG-BVTYP). These values must also match for clearing. You can specify the partner bank type in the master record of the business partner for general payment transactions.

What's the business logic behind this? If there's a debit vendor balance, it doesn't seem to make sense to pay the invoice to the vendor (the bank account number should be irrelevant for calculating the vendor balance), right?