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May 31, 2016 at 08:18 AM

Update VBAP custom field


Hello experts,i added a custom field to the VBAP,named VBAP-ZZCRD,and i put this field in the Tab additional B,the user requrement is as follow:

when i use VA02 to change a sales order ,if this sales order has a bom,header material A and BOM item A1\A2\A3,if i change the BOM header VBAP-ZZCRD,i also need to follow the header VBAP-ZZCRD to update the BOM item VBAP-ZZCRD with the same value automatically.I try to update the XVBAP interal table structure in the userexit_check_vbap\userexit_save_document_prepare\userexit_save_document,but all failed,so please give some help,thanks in advance.