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May 31, 2016 at 03:23 AM

How to do PGI from different sales order stock from the current sales order



This is pertaining to sales order stock costing.

If i have 2 sales orders A and B, can i do PGI for sales order A using stocks from sales order B?

One way to do this is, transfer the sales order stock from B to A using MIGO and then do the PGI for A using the transferred stock. However this is a 2 step process which the users will not like. Is there a single step process to achieve the same?

If there isn't any, then i am thinking of creating an user exit so that during the VL01N saving, the system will transfer the stocks from B to A in the background via the user exit so that the stocks will be available in A, just before the actual PGI.

Does this make sense? My only worry is, will the system check for stock availability at the time of VL01N saving and won't allow the saving due to insufficient stocks in A?

If that is the case then i have to use the user exit before such stock availability check is carried out...Any user exits to suggest?