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May 30, 2016 at 10:58 PM

Multiple EAN/UPC for a single product


We are facing the following requirement from one of our vendors.

We currently maintain a single EAN/UPC for each of our articles (Retail environment), whether it's an individual or a variant. This is of course updated to EWM via CIF.

Now we need to maintain several EAN/UPC for each article, for the same UoM (piece). Thus, in ECC transaction MM42 we updated the "Additional data> Additional EANs" view, which in turn updates table MEAN.

We are updating the customizing for CIF and table MEAN is available as a parameter for function module CIF_PRODUCT_SEND.

Our questions are:

- Where in EWM are the entries equivalent to ECC's MEAN table? (in which transaction, view, table?)

- Will the additional EANs be valid for scanning barcode instead of the product number? We know EAN is valid for 1 to 1 relationship, but we are not sure for the 1:n scenario.

Any guidance on this situation will be most welcomed. In the meantime we are doing some research on our own, and will share the information on this forum.

Best regards.


EANs_001.jpg (69.7 kB)
EANs_002.jpg (89.3 kB)