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May 30, 2016 at 05:39 PM

Exchange Data Between IVR Applications


Hi All,

I need your assistance please.

Objective: I created 2 IVR applications and need to pass data from one to the other, please see IVR details below:

  • Main Menu (IVR Number = 3580000)
  • Employee Services (IVR Number = 3580001)

Steps Followed:

1. On my "Main Menu" application, I have created a dictionary which has predefined values:

2. I then declared a variable (ZCheck) to test if I can access the data in the dictionary; this works as I can see the evaluated value value on the logs:

3. I transfer the call to my second IVR application (3580001) passing my dictionary "ZBCM_DICT":

4. On my second IVR application, I declared a variable to access data from the same dictionary created on my first application:

5. However, I am getting an "error" on the logs regarding the dictionary:

Your input on how I can resolve this will be much appreciated.




1 - Main Menu.jpg (122.6 kB)
3 - Transfer.jpg (157.6 kB)
4 - Retrieve.jpg (74.4 kB)
6 - Error.jpg (141.9 kB)
2 - Check.jpg (119.4 kB)