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May 30, 2016 at 06:24 PM

Activating superscript for text box components


Hi Experts,

I am currently facing a problem where i want to activate superscript for text box components. The registered trademark is superscripted in the backend, but when I extract the data to either a text box, a formattted text view, a crosstab or a button, the superscripted registered trademark sign is not superscripted anymore. The wierd part is, if I mouse over the text box with the text that includes the registrered trademark sign, the sign is superscripted.

Does anyone know if we can enforce superscript on textboxes?

I want this: Item®

But i am getting this: Item®

Edit: Not sure if you can see my html edit above but 1. line reads: Item<sup>&reg;</sup> and 2. line reads: Item&reg; . It was meant to illustrate what i want to see in my text box versus what i actually see.

I am using DS 1.5 SP2 and BW as backend.

Best regards