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May 30, 2016 at 02:38 PM

Dynamic basic authentication credentials SOAP Receiver Adapter (AXIS)


Hello all,

In our SAP PI (7.11), we are using the AXIS adapter for a certain SOAP Receiver Communication Channel.

In our specific we can re-use this comm channnel for multiple companys that we need to communicate with. The only thing that differs for each company is:

  1. the endpoint of the webservice
  2. the used basic authentication credentials

I already succeeded in making the endpoint dynamic over the so called "TServerLocation" Dynamic Configuration Header. (view attachment "dynamic endpoint config axis adapter.PNG").

I also made the basic authentication username dynamic over the so called "TAuthKey" Dynamic Configuration Header (analog to "TServerLocation").

I expected the existence of such a property also for the basic authentication password, but unfortunatley, such a property does not exist because of security reasons.

I then found some information that in the "standard" SOAP receiver comm channel, such a password should be defined/passed using authorization keys (visible in "advanced" when checking "use adapter specific message attributes" and "variable transport binding". View attached file "authorization_keys.PNG").

However, when using the AXIS adapter, these options are not available.

Can anybody please explain how to pass the basic authentication password in a dynamic way using the AXIS adapter?

Many thx!


Kim Zeevaarders

The Netherlands