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May 30, 2016 at 05:53 AM

VAT to be calculated at last/final line item.



I need guidance on one of scenario.

Scenario :-

As per mutual understanding or agreement with customer for one sale pay terms are partial payments in duration of 2 to 3 months, means for one sale order with 2 or 3 invoices.

They Create Service material Sales Order ( Order related billing.)

Example:- For one sales order if Sale value is 200 they create 2 line item of 100 each and periodically they raise invoices.


As and when they raise invoice for 1 st line item only service tax should consider and not vat.(Including accounting entries.)

Say if invoice value is 100 + 14.5 (S. Tax)+ 5 (Vat) = 119.5 Instead it should be charge only 100+14.5 (S. Tax)= 114.5

Vat should be accumulate and charge in 2nd and final invoice that is 100 + 14.5 (S. Tax) + 10 (Vat) = 124.5

As no manual conditions require so how we can map this SD pricing.

Kind request share your valuable respond on this.