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May 30, 2016 at 05:41 AM

SAP VC - BOM Component Selection


Dear Team,

I have Super BOM for my KMAT material as below.

My KMAT material: CHIP_KMAT

The super BOM of "CHIP_KMAT" has the BOM components of "CAPACITOR_1" & "CAPACITOR_2" & "CAPACITOR_3". If the BOM component "CAPACITOR_1" is selected, automatically the BOM component 'CAPACITOR_2" also to be selected.

Is it possible to use the reference characteristics STPO-IDNRK (as below) to achieve this?

I have created reference characteristics as "BOM_COMP_SELECT" (STPO-IDNRK) and I have wrote the object dependency in super BOM for the BOM component "CAPACITOR_2" as $self.BOM_COMP_SELECT = 'CAPACITOR_1'. But is not working. How to write object dependency for this case?