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May 29, 2016 at 12:32 PM

Is it Possible to suppress meter overflow in Dynamic Period Control?


Hi Experts,

Is it possible to control meter over flow during DPC Billling.

The scenario is as follows:

01.01.2015 Actual Read 0

01.02.2015 Estimate Read 400 Consumption 400

01.03.2015 Estimate Read 700 Consumption 300

01.04.2015 Actual Read 600 Consumption 10600

When the actual read is received for 01.04.2016 which is 600 (no looping), the system considers this as a meter overflow scenario.

And creates a bill for 10600 KW H and correctly reverses a consumption of 300 and 400.

My questions is can we make the sytem to consider, the read as an actual read and stop triggering of meter overflow.