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May 27, 2016 at 04:12 PM

Webi long runtime with huge volume


Hi Gurus,

I know there is a lot of different posts on Webi performance. But I just want to get a feeling of where to start...

Here is the context:

- We have a Bex query sending to Webi around 267 000 lines

- the main purpose of the webi document is to create a beautiful report with the data. So the webi document contains several sections, some variables for "formatting" the columns and that kind of things. There is no contextual calculations.

The Bex query responds in an honest duration (5 min), and when we send the result without any formatting into a blank Webi document, it takes roughly 8 min end to end. So, my conclusion is that the DSLBridge service works correctly....

The issue is when we try to implement formatting rules. At that moment, it can take up to 2hours....I understand that there is a complexity for the formatting rules, but 2 hrs looks a bit too much ;-)

We are running BI 4.1 SP7 on AIX...

Any idea ?