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May 27, 2016 at 01:02 PM

EPMLocalMember formula goes wrong in a dynamic expandable report


Hi everyone,

I inserted a local member into an EPM report referencing 3 cells by typing in an Excel formula =E28-E14-E20. One of the cells (E28) refers to a parent node (Dimension ACCOUNT & Member PBT) and other two refers to base members.

When I collapse the report for a parent node and all the base members are hidden, the formula for the local member goes wrong - the formula now becomes =E26-E12-E18 because two rows were hidden after the collapse.

The localmember formula generated by the system is =EPMMEMBER([S_ACCOUNT].[PARENTH1].[PBT])-EPMMEMBER([S_ACCOUNT].[PARENTH1].[RT_111000])-EPMMEMBER([S_ACCOUNT].[PARENTH1].[ET_250000]) which is correct but the result is wrong as the Excel references have moved.

Can you please suggest what I can do to correct this?