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May 27, 2016 at 10:26 AM

Note to paysee SEPA_CT with * option



we would like to use the text field in the customer line item field for note to payee.

The text should appear in the <ustrd> only when the asterix symbol is given at the beginning. Secondly this should be only applicable to customer postngs.

I have copied the standard SAP SEPA note to payee to z and added an additional type in the default note to payees.

type line no segment text

1 2 x

In FBZP for the relative payment method assigned this note to payee and also selected origin as "FI-AR".

The problem is when the XML file is created, if no text is being given in the field, node USTRD in xml is not created and only end node appears like this </USTRD>.

Due to this we are unable to upload the file in the bank portal and an error appears as the structure does not meet the specifiactions provided.

Kindly suggest.