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May 27, 2016 at 09:29 AM

LSMW project for asset master data mass change


Dear colleagues,

Recently I've created the LSMW project for mass update of asset master data.

The project works fine, master data is updating as expected. But I have strange issue at the last step during running of SM35 batch job program stops at the first master data and is not going further until I will press Save button to confirm the master data saving. I need to press Save in each master data record to make batch job finish.

The batch job was run in "display errors only" mode and since there are no issues in master data I expect job to run in background till the end.

Please see below some screens from SM35:

After this message appears I need to press Save to move to next master data record.

The LSMW project was created with the help of batch input recording option since I'm complete zero in ABAP programming.

I might look like the BDC_OKCODE is missing for Save function, but I have checked my recording and see that it is present (or at leas I guess that =BUCH code is responsible for pressing Save button, since after debugging the AS02 transaction in SHDB this is what I understood)

I have feeling that issue might be connected with some missing authorizations for my user ID in this SAP system, because I created the same project in other system and there it works fine during running of batch input job.

Please share your thoughts how the problem could be fixed.




step1.JPG (89.5 kB)
Step 2.jpg (86.3 kB)
recording.jpg (103.1 kB)