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May 26, 2016 at 08:28 PM

List of RadioButtonGroups anyone?



thank you for reading this question. I am encountering an issue while trying to create a List of radio button groups.

When I try to create only one radio button group, it works fine even reading data from a named model.

my named model is appModel and it looks like this

appModel: {
     // some properties
    , first: {
       options: [
          { q: "abc", sel: true } ,
          { q: "abdc", sel: false} 
    qList: [ 
                 "descr": "abc",
             "qs": [
               { "q": "abc", "ans": true },
               { "q": "abceew", "ans": false },
               { "q": "abcd", "ans": false }
             "qs" : [
                 { "q": "abcddddd", "ans": true },
               { "q": "eeeee", "ans": false }


and my 1 Radio button group which is working looks like this:

<RadioButtonGroup buttons="{appModel>/first/options}" columns="4" width="500px" class="sapUiMediumMarginBottom">
               <RadioButton groupName="a" text="{appModel>q}" selected="{appModel>sel}" />

now, i have tried wrapping this RadioButtonGroup in a List object but the aggregation control is items therefore the radio button group is not the same.

I have also tried using the VBox and using the binding property as shown on the explored tab and i am not able to get it to work.

<VBox binding="{appModel>/qList}" >
   <Text text="{appModel>descr}" textAlign="Center"/>
    <!-- radio button group -->


has anyone else tried to create a list of radio button groups?

On a similar note, I have create a list of NotificationListGroup controls and i was able to find that using the additional property templateShareable inside the items attiribute for this control. I attempted to do the same here but i had no luck .

thank you in advance