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May 26, 2016 at 09:06 PM

questions on error 2601 duplicate key



I have some questions regarding the behavior of ASE RS when an attempt to insert a duplicate key at the primary site is done.

ASE 16.x -> RS15.7.1-> ASE 16.x

Assuming :

ASE1->primary ASE

RS-Rep server

ASE2 -> replicated ASE

DB1 ->primary db

DB2 ->replicated db

Using Warm Standby between the 2 db.

Table t1 is identical in ASE1 and ASE2 having a unique index , say on column c1(int)

At ASE1 :

insert into t1 values(1).

Then , trying the same insert again ( duplicated value/key )

ASE1 will reject the insert, but what is the correct behaviour at RS errorlog

-getting 2601 error

-then, DSI from ASE2.DB2 shuts down and therefore it maps to STOP_REPLICATION


DSI from ASE2.DB2 stays up ( no shutdown ) and only shutdowns if I try to insert a duplicate row/key at ASE2.DB2 ?

In which scenario DSI threads shutdown due to insert duplicate key.: at primary ASE, at Replicated or both ?

Thank you