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May 26, 2016 at 04:34 PM

SAP HR GB PY RTI FPS submission The new control report transaction PC00_M08_RTI_CTRL.


Hello Team,

We are about to file RTI FPS however we are facing issue with New Control Tcode PC00_M08_RTI_CTRL.

With this new control record we have observed that many Employee who has Multiple contract data are missing System didn't read these employees.

We have observed that these are Multiple Employment category where as Primary Number has been withdrawn thus Secondary PERNR becomes Primary Number However HMRC Number on IT 0065 (Tax Data GB) shows Primary Number only on current PERNR (Which earlier was Secondary PERNR)

Means PERNR 100876 was Primary and 564234 is Secondary PERNR. When IT 0065 has been created HMRC has been generated on both the number was 100876.

Now PERNR 100876 is in Withdrawn status and Secondary PERNR 564234 is only Active and becomes Primary PERNR. On This PERNR 564234 on IT 0065 (Tax Data GB) HMRC Number shows 100876.

Is this issue for Rejecting / Not showing on New Control Tcode PC00_M08_RTI_CTRL.

If yes can we use Report RPCEASG0 Which we use to add missing HMRC Number OR Should we run Copy LSMW and change this HMRC number so then we can run successfully these types of records into new Tcode PC00_M08_RTI_CTRL.

Experts kindly help us.