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May 26, 2016 at 03:35 PM

Recovery Issue


ERROR RECOVERY RECOVER DATA finished with error: [448] recovery could not be completed, [110092] Recovery failed in nameserver startup: convert topology failed, no mapping defined for host vh<hostname>01, no mapping defined for host vh<hostname>03

2274474 - Recovery failed: Convert topology failed: no mapping

As per the SAP note we checked to for any unwanted entries in the topology of the source system by following command and if we find such entries where LEAF attribute is TRUE, we have to remove those.

select * from m_topology_tree where path = '/host' order by name asc;

But here we are not able to find any such entries in the source system.


<source server>:HDB:erpadm /usr/sap/<SID>/HDB02 51> hdbsql -U W -j "select * from m_topology_tree where path = '/host' order by name asc"



"/host"," vh<hostname>01","","FALSE"

2 rows selected (overall time 866 usec; server time 265 usec)

The topology entries in the Source and Target are same.

Also I noticed there is no mapping defined for vh<hostname>03 in the Source .

Is there any other possibility to overcome this type of error?

Any suggestion would be valuable.