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May 26, 2016 at 03:24 PM

Customer clearing issue - document type UE verses YZ - while clearing the document found error.


Dear Experts, Please help us to solve this issue. user are facing issue while clearing the customer balance. there is a document uploaded from legacy system to sap with document type UE and this document was reversed because of some reason reversal document type YZ came up. now when user trying to clear this by using the TC F-32 got the below error. Please if somebody have faced this issue and the got the resolution and advise if there is issue with configuration. SAP error Document splitting: Items for clearing 1100/3900003328/2013/001 not found Message no. GLT0002 Diagnosis Document splitting cannot perform clearing because it was not possible to find complete splitting information on the items to be cleared (company code, document number, fiscal year, item). System Response Clearing cannot be performed and the document cannot be posted. Procedure Exclude the affected item from clearing. It may be that this item was not posted with active document splitting. In this case, this item or document would have to be migrated. Thanks Regards