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May 26, 2016 at 08:46 AM

BW Project via Eclipse



We have an issue when creating a BW Project in Eclipse.

We have SECUDE (Uses SNC) installed but when creating a BW Project we choose to bypass this and logon without authentication and enter user name and password.

This works successfully and I'm able to create objects. However when I shut down and re-open Eclipse I get the error message attached. Basically it seems to 'forget' that we have un-ticked the SNC connection and I have to create a new project. This only happens when I create a BW project any other type of project i.e. ABAP is fine and when I try to logon it remembers that we have bypassed SNC and presents me with the option to enter a password. Any help would be appreciated.

Eclipse Mars2


BW 7.4 SP12


SNC Error.JPG (63.6 kB)