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May 26, 2016 at 08:28 AM

/SAPAPO/CPP1 Post Processing How to improve corrective action list layout ?



We are going to implement /SAPAPO/CCP1 . Before /SAPAPO/CPP1, We used the /SAPAPO/CQ to edit the list of corrective action , used by the Master data owner to do the corrective actions.

In the available layout of /SAPAPO/CQ, we have the field "Waiting for" very usefull for that usage.

Implementing Post processing, I would like to get the same field available in the layout definition of /SAPAPO/CPP1 but we have not . How to add it ?

In the usefull fields, we have also the field "Error description" very fine in most cases ; I have noticed that it is the first line of the Error description got when clicking on the log button but , in some case, the relevant line is not the first line, how to get it ?

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