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May 26, 2016 at 07:23 AM

Suggestion: Validation on subject title for Q&A


Dear 1DX team

In a space-less world like our future 1DX home, it is crucial that questions have an appropriate subject title so that anyone looking at it can have a rough idea what it's about.

In the current Jive system, there is no validation on the subject title which leads to very vaguely and poorly titled questions. Refer below for some sample available via Google search and SCN search.

I'm able to create the following question in the beta Q&A platform as long as my subject title exceeds the minimum length.

Urgent help needed - SAP Answers

I would like to suggest that some validation is performed on the subject title upon submitting the question, i.e. if the title contains ONLY these vague terms, then prompt the user to change the title.

Some of the common terms I can think of are: urgent, help, need, doubt


Eng Swee


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