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May 26, 2016 at 05:35 AM

Queries reg BW/HANA DB



We are planning to perform an implementation to BW 7.4 based on HANA DB (Complete new system)

I only worked on conventional flows on BW 7.0 (On RDBMS) - Datasource -> S.DSO (Staging) -> S.DSO (Biz) -> Cube -> MP -> Bex -> BO

Curious about how i can use the same with some advanced objects like Advance DSO (ADSO) and composite providers or SPOs. Have few queries. Pls some one help me understand:

  1. Can i replace S.DSO by A.DSO and remove cubes as ADSO can act like cube. Flow like (Datasource -> classic SDSO/ADSO (That acts like SDSO) ->ADSO (That acts like SDSO for Biz layer) -> Composite provider -> Bex -> BO)?
  2. Heard some issues with navigational attributes in composite provider -> I have gone thru but couldnt understand. Is this valid and if so, whats the alternative for in our system, we tend to have lot of nav attr being used across reports via Multiproviders/cubes.
  3. HANA Transformation to be used in place of regular TRFN between 2 DSOs? Is it mandatory to avoid ABAP routines? I read ADMP to be used to embed ABAP code? Pls confirm once - complex lookups and calculation can be written only in end/start routines. How to overcome this? Any script to be called and same logic to be written?
  4. I also read that no nav attrs turn on in ADSOs like before and only mapping needed in Composite providers.

Please confirm on these to understand the design.