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May 25, 2016 at 07:57 PM

Asset creation through LSMW BAPI


Hello All,

I am trying to create Fixed assets using LSMW BAPI business object BUS1022 message type fixedasset_creatvalues

When I go to the structure relations, I see 2 structures for every tab. e.g. for general data, I see E1BP1022_FEGLG001 and E1BP1022_FEGLG001X.

What is the second one used for? What do I enter in the X structures?

I am getting an error

"No change parameter given for depreciation area 01"

During creation or change of an asset using function module Asset_Masterrecord_maintenance, you want to assign values to the field of depreciation area 01. However you did not transfer a line for depreciaton area 01 in the change parameter T_ANLBX or DEPRECIATION_AREASX in the call of BAPI's FixedASSET_CREATE AND FIXEDASSET_CHANGE

I have a source field for

Deprecation area

Depreciation start date

Dep key

Useful life years

Useful life months

and I Have a constant for the above fields in the structure DEPRECIATION_AREASX.

What am I missing?
Please help