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May 25, 2016 at 06:29 PM

Catalog requires standard-mode IE11, rendering issues Quirks/Standardmode



System landscape
SAP SRM 7.0 integrated in SAP Enterprise Portal 7.4 SP8. 12 external catalogues are defined and can be used by the end user (purchaser). In Internet Explorer 11 the Portal and catalogues are rendered in Quirks Mode (Document mode 5). We are familiar with the troubles when using IE and the Portal together.

See blog: IE and Portal – Standards/Quirks Mode Evolution (or Love-Hate Relationships)

The catalog of a new supplier is added to the SRM-system. The catalog isn’t rendered correctly when the browse- window is opened in Quirks Mode. The catalog renders correctly when:

  1. Application parameters for the shopping Iview is set to: ‘sap-ie=edge’ and;
  2. The Iview-property: ‘Launch in New Window’ is set to: ‘Display in Separate Headerless Portal (Standard Mode)’.

Unfortunately when the user transfers the ordered items from the catalog to the shopping cart, an error is displayed: ‘Critical Rendering Error - Application cannot be used because it was started in the wrong browse mode. Internet Explorer is running in compatibility mode and the applications in standard mode’. The developer toolbox in IE11 shows us that the document mode is changed (dropping) from Edge to document mode 5 when the items from the catalog are transferred to het shopping cart in SRM.


How can we solve this problem?

Running the entire Portal (Ajax Framework Page) in Standard mode is supported from SP9+. Unfortunately we cannot simply upgrade our Portal to an higher SP-level because it has many dependencies with several backend-systems. So we are looking for a working solution within this SP-level.