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May 25, 2016 at 04:10 PM

Adding "sub function" to function in ALV toolbar ?


hi there,

see screenshot: the demo program BCALV_GRID_07 has a customer button in the toolbar. It has 2 functions there -> "Überblick" and "Flüge". This is done with the add_function method in class CL_CTMENU.

So far, so good: i have the requirement of an "Sub Menu" inside the dropdown. E.g. I have function "Überblick": i want to enter sub-entries for "Überblick". There are methods like "add_menu" and "add_submenu" in the class CL_CTMENU, but i don't know how i can use them in the toolbar in ALV.

any ideas ?

br Martin


Capture11.PNG (64.1 kB)