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May 25, 2016 at 04:32 PM

Catch up depreciation on a prior year


Dear Experts,

If the Capitalization Year and the Depreciation Start Year are the same, the system can do Catch-Up Depreciation. For example, Capitalization Date is 01.10.2015 and Depreciation Start Date is 01.02.2015, depreciation will be computed starting 01.02.2015. However, if the Depreciation Start Date is on a previous year, say 01.02.2014, it will not do catch-up but instead use the Capitalization Date (01.10.2015) as the depreciation starting point, instead of the real Depreciation Start Date (01.02.2014) since they are on a different year.

Can you please advise as to how to make the system do a catch-up depreciation even though it is on a prior year?