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May 25, 2016 at 03:12 PM

Crsyal reports group tree naming issues


Hi All,

I had to add a group to an existing report as below:

The report had 8 groups in which each group was divided into sub groups. This report is based of a sql query which had 10 sections and used UNION ALL between each section.

So in section expert I see group 1: has 1A to 1G, grop 2: 2A to 2C same way other groups are divided except for 5,6,7,8.

I am unable to find out how the groups are does the name populate in the tree structure on the left?

So the tree structure that I see is:

Report Name

➕ Statement

➕ Group Statement(when I expand + it shows sub names for GH2b, GF3a--this is footer)





➕ Product Group Statement(when I expand the + in this it has all the names of subgroup under it)---GH1f, GH2e, GH3b,GH4b and then it has details F

Now the requirement is to add another group below this which should be similar to Product Group Statement and should be named as Product Group Statement1 and in details has extra fields, this is similar to section 7 in the sql query which is the report based of. I entered the same query with union all which is section 11 and added extra fields as required.

In the section expert added the sub groups below the Product Group Statement sub groups and I am getting the exact format of the report. Here the problem is how is the tree structure named? when I added section 11 in the query I named it as "Product Group Statement1" which displays in the group tree. other subgroups dont display. When I customize GH3b to display in the tree GH3a, GH3c display as "NULL". How do I change this to either display blank and not "NULL"

Did I follow the right approach is achieve the requirement?