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May 25, 2016 at 02:05 PM

Best way(s) to handle data with many columns in a table?


I have a need to display large (wide) datasets in a table, but the problem that I'm running into is that there are often so many columns that performance is very poor (unacceptable).

  • The columns and rows are based on the user's data and it is entirely within reason for that data to consist of several hundred columns, as well as several hundred rows.
  • Because it is driven by the user's data, there is no way to prioritize a subset of columns to display and hide the rest (the expectation is that all are readily available).
  • The cells must be editable (think Excel).
  • OData is not an option, only JSONModel. (I am not in an SAP environment and am limited by the existing APIs available)
  • I'm currently using sap.m.Table.

I've been trying to find examples of this, but so far all I have found is documentation stating that many columns should be avoided. If there are any "best practice" or already implemented ways for doing this, that would be great to hear about.

So far the "best" solution I have is to implement column paging in the UI, but I'm not yet convinced that this is the way to go.

Any suggestions?