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May 25, 2016 at 02:10 PM

FM to assign Business Partner Relationship a Sales Area in SAP CRM BP?


Hi Experts,

I have gone through the other blogs and I have seen that we can use the FM : BUPR_RELATIONSHIP_CREATE to add a Business Partner Relationship.

My question is a bit further after that.

When You add a Relationship to the BP in SAP CRM it gives you the option to add the Sales Area to the added Relationship also.

And I would like to know which FM can I use to add this Sales Area to the Added Business Partner Relation.

I have already checked the FM BAPI_BUPA_FRG0030_ADD which is not useful here as it is used to add the SALES AREA to a BP. Here I am referring the assignment to the RELATIONSHIP with Sales Area.

Please take a look at the screenshot which shows the Place where I am trying to add the Sales Area.

Tcode: BP

Click on Relationship Tab

Select Relationship Category as " Has BUP"

Give an Employee Number and then Click Enter Key.

You will get a Pop up where you can add the Sales Area.

Here I have added it manually by selecting the Sales Area.

What is the FM which can be used to add this Sales Area to the BP relationship programatically.


Question.JPG (128.9 kB)