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May 25, 2016 at 01:51 PM

Agentry - using a List Tile View's single click action to loop over the rows


I have a List Tile View on a detail screen. I want the user to be able to click on any row of the LTV and then have that row open up in a transaction screen to allow the user to edit it. Then, when they click Finish on the transaction screen, I want the next row of the LTV to automatically open in the same transaction screen without going back to the detail screen first. The app would return to the detail screen only when the user clicks Finish on the last item (or when they click Cancel before getting to the last item). I have this almost working by using the "Loop over displayed list items" option in the LTV's single click action, however, for some reason, it seems like the LTV's single click action is getting fired multiple times (each time I click Finish on the transaction screen it fires the LTV's single click action again), and each time it is fired it starts up another nested loop over the LTV's items.

This is the List Tile View's Settings tab where I've specified which action to fire on a single click:

This is the definition of the action that is fired by the LTV single click:

The TagReadingsEdit_iPhone action displays the transaction screen to allow the user to edit the selected TagReadings object.

Is this the proper way to manage this process? I know that iterating over the rows of an LTV and editing each one in succession is possible since I've seen other posts about this type of functionality on SCN, but I don't have something quite right yet.