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May 25, 2016 at 01:42 PM

BI Platform Connections Fail in Distributed Environment


Hey Folks,

Looking to see if anyone else has experienced this. We have our Development BOBJ system split out according to processing and web tiers:

Server1 - Processing tier (SIA and CMC are here)

Server2 - Web Tier - Tomcat is here.

We are using the Design Studio and when attempting to build a connection to our backend BOBJ system. However, unlike say Analysis Office, we do not have a spot to specific a system string (system1:6401). As a result, the connection from design studio fails as it attempts to find the CMC on the web tier (system2:6400). Since the design studio only allows you to build HANA connections manually and store them, we're a bit stuck as to how to make this work.

Has anyone solved this before? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.