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May 25, 2016 at 01:41 PM

Authorisations in MDG Portal - edit button for vendor bank account is 'greyed' out


Hi all

Since we patched our systems (NW 731 SPS13, MDG 6.1) we have a subset of users (foreign vendors) that no longer have access to the edit (pencil icon) for the vendor in order to amend bank account details - please see the icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screenshot. It is 'greyed out' i.e. cannot be clicked on.

We know this is auths related (I guess SPS13 bought in some extra security?) as if we add a 'Master' role we have to the user account, the edit button is then available, and they can make the necessary changes.

However, this 'Master' role grants the user "too much" access and it's inappropriate from a business/process/security.

What we need to do is isolate the authorization object that relates to this edit button.

We tried to trace this but were unable to capture.

I've been analysing the different objects in the Master role and it seems we needed to add:



However, this hasn't quite done the job. What else do we need?

Do we need F_KNA1_AEN too? Although that seems to be specific to customers, not vendors.

We seem to have the correct access (activity 02 to *) for F_LFA1_APP & F_LFA1_BEK... anything else we need?




edit.png (90.9 kB)