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May 25, 2016 at 12:39 PM

PO UWL-FPM Application /SAPSRM/WDA_L_FPM_OIF started without config



One of the user is getting an error in Production, when she is trying to the open the PO link in her UWL.

Error is with the FPM config : FPM Application /SAPSRM/WDA_L_FPM_OIF started without config.

Kindly suggest as I am not sure how to replicate in QAS or DEV system or how to debug the issue in PRD system.

And We are using SRM in NWBC and NOT Portal.

Please refer attached screen shot

Thanks in Advance

Johnson George


UWL.jpg (109.0 kB)
Error.jpg (30.3 kB)