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May 25, 2016 at 10:10 AM

Is it possible to add NW BPM component in PI 7.31 dual stack system?


Hi Guys,

I need a clarification about NW BPM, Is it support Dual stack PI 7.31 SP 0014 system. Means is it possible to install the NW BPM component in 7.31 dual stack system.

Our customer having PI 7.31 Dual stack system and XI 3.0 system. Now they planning to migrate all the XI 3.0 objects to PI 7.31 system. They have some of ccBPM interfaces in XI 3.0 box. But they want to migrate a NW BPM model in PI 7.31 dual box not for ccBPM.

As per understanding NW BPM is a additional component for PI system. If PO it is an inbuilt.

My query is,

1) If PI 7.31 is a single stack, able to add the NW BPM component in the same box with additional license

2) If PI 7.31 is a dual stack? how will add the NW BPM componet. Is it possible to add in Dual stack or need to install separate Java stack to install?

3) Please elabore the approach in this case above point 2.

Thanks & Regards

Vijayakumar S