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May 25, 2016 at 08:36 AM

XS job fails to Start


Hi All,

I have a XSJS that I need to run :

The XS job file looks like the below:

    "description": "Valid description",
    "action": "package_path::file name",
    "schedules": [
          "description": "Valid description",
          "xscron": "* * * * 9 * 59",
          "parameter": {

As soon as it is run, it goes into error saying ERROR and that's all the log we get.

This is the first time we are attempting to run a XS job. So I assume we are missing some settings or that there is a problem in the above code.

The XSJS on its own runs fine, only when it is called from the scheduler, it shows an error. The log cleanup tab shows a lot of things as not configured.

Could this be a problem? Please let me know. Thanks.


cron.jpg (52.2 kB)