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May 25, 2016 at 07:58 AM

Problem in Label printing on ZEBRA printer



We are printing Labels on Zebra Printer. The existing development is done with SAP script. the ZPL commands are defined in SO10 text and it is included in main window of sap script.

we are using device type LB_ZEB and Printer ZM600 300dpi. currently it is working fine.

Now we have to print another Label with the existing Label. I do not want to use SAP Script for new label. I also do not want to convert existing script to smartform currently because i have very less time and existing lable is complex.

So i decided to create a smartform and called is before sap script in program.

the Problem is that I am not able to print smartform. the SAP script is getting printed successfully.

I searched and found that LB_ZEB can only print SAP Script.

can we print both sap script and smartform on Zebra Printer using a single device type?

is it possible?