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May 25, 2016 at 07:27 AM

Wrong calculation when Sales order change


Hi gurus,

There is one scenario here.

In our company, for finished products they are maintaining Serial numbers and for sub products they are not maintaining them.

Laptop 1 (serial number 12345) Laptop 2 (serial number 67890)

Ram (2gb) (production order num xxxxx) Ram (2gb) (Production order num YYYYY)

Mouse (ZZZZ)...


Now the scenario is.. for all the Finished parts and semi finished parts there are sales orders(they are maintaining).

laptop 1 is manufactured and kept in storage location, and order got canceled.

Now for Laptop 2 they will use ram of laptop 1.

For Laptop 2 ram the production order (YYYY) will be kept for Deletion for flag.

Now when we run COOIS and give sales order of Laptop 2 it will show the production order numbers of YYYY and ZZZZ,

Customer is asking that in COOIS instead of YYYY it should show XXXX (Because we are using production order number of laptop 1) and ZZZZ.

Hope you guys understand the scenario.

Please help.

Thanks and regards,