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May 25, 2016 at 07:26 AM

Approval For Document Row level


Hi All,

As per my last discussion with our Experts, I understand that we can't set approval for row level.But i have a Idea to do that. Can anyone please help me to do this following Process.

1. I'm planning to create two UDF in purchase order Document. One is row level and another one is header level.

2. Row level UDF visible for Users & Header level UDF only visible for Manager.

3. When Current PO Price Vs Average of last five purchase price difference more than 5%(Plus or Minus) that row level UDF should be display as False, Other wise it should be True.

4. The Header level UDF Default value is False, But the manager can change this as True.

5. Finally i need a Store Procedure For PO. To add a Purchase order any one of this UDF should have the True value.

6. So when the price Difference is in range of Below 5% differ the user can add the Purchase order. Other wise the manager change the second UDF value as True to ADD the Purchase Order.

I hope it will be workout. Please give your Suggestion to do this as well as Query and SP.


Prabakaran R.