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May 24, 2016 at 09:34 PM

Updating one column values with another column values


Hello all,

Need some help from you, we have developed a report which populates the 2 (or more) line items with same document id, one line item has positive amount and other (s) has negative amount.

Report has other fields like A, B C etc, all the columns except B are populating with values from the Universe. Use wants column B to populate with the values from column A but in a reverse order, i.e. the value from + line item should populate in -ve line item and columns A's value for -ve line item should be populated in column B's +ve line item.

Ex: For document id 1234, there a re 2 line items with Column A values are W1 for a -ve amount and W2 for positive amount. Column B is empty, user wants W1 in + line item and W2 in -ve line item in column B.

please see the attached screenshot for more details.




Capture.PNG (39.1 kB)