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May 24, 2016 at 08:53 PM

Filtering Search results quite limiting


Quite a simple request here - reintroduce the lost drill down and filtering options within the search results displayed:

Compare what a user is presented when searching for 'sap fiori' in the two search links below:

With the new SCN being 100% unstructured content, the end user cannot be expected to simply switch sort options and scroll through page after page of content, hoping to find what they are looking for. How many people give up or refine their Google search after about 2 or 3 pages, some of you perhaps look no further than page 1?

Notice the Recommended link in the current SCN search results? This is a cool feature 😊

I have to also vent a little on how we could possibly be missing tags in the search results? In an unstructured world that relies on tags over the current spaces on SCN, how can we not have a tag cloud (or whatever the thing is called that appears in a resultset like found at: after which I can be inspired by the SAPple announcement at Sapphire and click on the larger bold mobile tag and end up with refined results for the combination of the two tags.