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May 24, 2016 at 05:58 PM

Double Messaging?


We currently have Direct Messaging similar to the current DM option within the site where you can 'Send a Message". This triggers a generic email to the recipient from SAP Universal Profile (, and includes a subject line prefix: [Direct Message]

We also have as part of the beta, using SAP Relay which is more of a Skype emulating group chat. Why wouldn't we have both concepts integrated into a single messaging strategy? When I am in and use my avatar popup window and select "Send a Direct Message" it reroutes me to

Send a Message and Send a Direct Message are quite confusing and in a sense competitive? They are both using similar terms and concepts.

I don't see any visible notifications that someone sent me a chat in the UI, unless I am physically on the web page itself and then of course the response will appear. I also have seen a blue circle in the list on the left, but in both cases require me to have the browser window open.

If someone wants to really have a 'chat' style conversation with me, I doubt it will come in a 'live' interactive format shown in, and will be much more asynchronous, so without visible notifications in my profile header (SAP Jam uses a red bell icon and doesn't require me to drill into my avatar) I personally would prefer email with the link back into a messaging interface (and of course I would expect it to log me in automatically and not require me to press the ghost icon in the header).

Special thanks to my cube neighbor @Michael Appleby who was helping me test some of the back and forth features (or confirming the ones that are lacking).