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May 24, 2016 at 04:36 PM

CHECKBOXGROUP Prompt() Command


Hi there,

I'm getting a bit frustrated with the above Data Manager function - on paper, it gives me exactly what I need but I just cannot make it work!

Has anybody else had luck with this?

We have a script that runs for only 4 entities, and the script pushes data entered by these 4 entities into our main Trial Balance. Depending on timing, availability of data, etc. we would like to push any of the 4 at once, or all of them, or any combination of them (note that the person entering data, and the person pushing it to the TB are not necessarily the same). So this function (if it works!) is perfect. On paper.

This is what I have in my modify script:

PROMPT(CHECKBOXGROUP,%ENTS%,"Please select the entity or entities",{0,0,0,0},{2170,5300,5340},{"2170","5300","5340"})

(Note: the screenshot was when we only had 3 entities, but the idea is the same)

According to the functions listed in the package (when you select the CHECKBOXGROUP from under the Functions list), the expected syntax is this:

PROMPT(CHECKBOXGROUP,[variable], [label], [default value], [label List], [value List])

HOWEVER this differs from what is in the EPM for Office documentation:

PROMPT (CHECKBOX, [variable],[label],[default values],[label for check items]

I've tried every variation of single quotes, double quotes - and none - and I've also tried omitting the various arguments completely.

When I run the package, I get an error:



RUN_LOGIC:Member "1" not exist

model: CONSOLIDATION. Package status: ERROR

And the selection gets passed as follows:

ENTS = Yes


SELECTION = /APPSET/CONSOLIDATION/PRIVATEPUBLICATIONS/USER/TempFiles/FROM.TMP@@@SAVE@@@@@@EXPAND@@@|DIMENSION:CURRENCY|LC|DIMENSION:TIME|2016.001 it looks like it's ignoring my entity selection completely.

Am I missing something? Has anyone managed to get this working in the real world?

Or is there another way to skin this cat?

Thanks very much,


PS. We are using EPM for Office SP25 Patch 1 (.NET4 version).