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Former Member
May 24, 2016 at 10:31 AM

ME9F printing wrong sales person when giving multiple POs for printing


Hi All,

This is related to incorrect printing of the sales person when 2 or more POs are printed one after the other.

Details -

The scenario is as follows, there are 2 POs let's say PO1 and PO2. Both have sales person maintained as PO1_SP and PO2_SP.

For PO1 the communication language is DE and for the second PO, the communication language is EN.

Now when these POs are printed from ME9F together, the for the PO1 the print output gives correct sales person PO1_SP maintained at the header level of PO1. But the second PO2 instead of printing the PO2_SP, is printing PO1_SP.

If the communication language for PO1 is EN and for second PO2 is DE then issue doesn't happen, the error only appears when the first printed PO has language DE

Please provide your inputs - Is it some custom code issue or a customization issue.

Your response is awaited.