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May 24, 2016 at 06:42 AM

0FI_GL_14 Enhancement - adding new selection field


Hi Everyone

We have implemented 0FI_GL_14 for extracting New-GL data and have been using it for last 6 years.

Now we want to re-extract the data for some business reason. When we extract the data based on just Company Code, Fiscal Year, Posting Period and Ledger, it fails to extract data simply because this selection criteria doesn't use any Table Indexes available on table FAGLFLEXA.

We decided following 2 options:

1. Create required Secondary Index ( your comments please)

2. Extract data based on GL Accounts since secondary index based on this selection field is already available.

Option 1: avoiding this option since it will take up sizeable space in ECC system. Also might have adverse effect on day-to-day transactions involving FAGLFLEXA. already it has crossed 1TB size.

Option 2: Since GL Accounts (HKONT) field is not available for selection, we might need to enhance the datasource for this purpose. Please tell me whether this enhancement affect our ongoing Delta Queue. Also SAP doesn't support such enhancement, whether this is good option.

Please suggest other option which we have missed.


Deepak Salokhe