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May 24, 2016 at 01:02 AM

How do deploy/minimize a UI5 Web App to improve load performance?


Basic problem: We built a large application with many custom notepad controls. On high latency networks, the application load performance is poor because all those notepad controls are individual loaded create many hops round trips to the server. Like SAPUI5 there is a sapui5.min.js file that packages all the *.js files into a single load file, thus reducing the latency and evening provisioning it onto a CDN.

Is there a tool or method for minimizing ui5 app into a small set or single js file (ignore other resource types e.g. png)? We would like to run this in a build process so transformation tool would be ideal. It would also be nice if it removed excess white and worked with the ui5 declare/require framework (maybe these need to be removed if it goes into a single file),

PS - My app doesn't need cordova or to be in the apple store, thus we would like to avoid a mac development environment.