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May 24, 2016 at 12:46 AM

Automated HANA User Creation from SLT server - Just started happening?


I have an odd predicament. No one claims to have touched our SLT or HANA live system in a way that would do this (and except for the HEC team, it's a very small group of people who could do this), and no upgrades seem to have been done, but for some reason, a few weeks ago; a very useful feature was activated that no one seems to know exists.

In short, when you touch a user on the ABAP SLT server (which is not being replicated at all into HANA live), it automatically creates/adjusts/locks/unlocks the associated user on the HANA database. e.g. If I lock a user on the SLT ABAP server, within half a second, the user is locked on HANA.

In other words, something is keeping the users on the SLT server and the HANA server in sync.

Unfortunately, it is not setting up users quite the way we need them set-up (SAML, Logon Tickets, etc); so I need to change this, but since I can't find any database triggers, queues, events, etc; that are triggering this change; I'm struggling to know what to do to address this.

The question: Does anyone know what feature is activated to do this and know where there's any documentation on it?

Note - Previously I had written a question (and solution) to do all this manually, but obviously need to tweak this to work with this new functionality.

For reference we are running HANA (HEC based) and SLT server 2.0 (on a NetWeaver 7.40 system).