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May 23, 2016 at 10:40 PM

How to maintain master data on decision table in different environments?


Dear all,

I am working in a project where we intends to became use BRFplus in order to implement some rules in the system.

I have a sample rule which makes use from material number on the logic, it is a master data, witch means it is different between environments. The material number in on a decision table.

I used storage type “master data” on the application, I did an export on the source and an import on the target system. On the target system, I input some new lines with new material numbers.

As it was necessary to make a change on a rule I did another export/import. The result was that all lines on the decision table were overwritten on the target system.

The question is:

How can I maintain different data to this decision table in different environments? Is it possible doing these and prevent the data from the decision table when a new transport or import occurs?

Thanks a lot and Regards,

Marta de Lorenzi