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May 23, 2016 at 09:02 PM

Procurement Confirmation Wizard


Hello Experts,

I am running 9.1 pl11 and need to update the PO price after discount on the Wizard's Step 3 window with a special cost if some criteria is met.

I did a little testing and if I check off the 'print target document' box, my simple 'SELECT 10.00' F/S worked updating the price field.

But I really need to update the price field based on the customer from the base (Sales Order) document which I have added to the screen using the Form Settings.

Using the System Information, the field for the base document is

Form 5400100007

Item 5400000019

Pane 4

Column 5400000003

But this doesn't seem to work like on a sales order screen line item ie $[$38.4.0] is the item code

Is it not possible to grab the screen values on the Procurement Wizard windows and use in a formatted search?

if this is the case, any clever ideas/suggestion on how I can modify the PO price when it is created using the Procurement Wizard. There are a lot of line items being processed through the wizard and I need to catch the exceptions.

Thank you in advance for any replies.